Picaturi de parfum ce amintesc de o alta lume... trecut si viitor, toate adunate intr-un singur suflet ce traieste.

luni, noiembrie 10, 2008

What IF...?

What would it be if....

We had an email account that we are not aware of, where it should gather one by one, all the things that were thought by somebody, but never been told to us.

- all the love declarations/words/thoughts never dared to be told to the person;
- all the compliments, the nice observations and revelations that were provoked and inhibited by us, in the same time
- all the critiques and advices that people that we met in life never actually told us, because it seemed we kind of know what we were doing;
- all the truths that would have opened our eyes if we would have listened to them when they were told;
- all the songs that people dedicated to us, in their thoughts (mp3 format);
- all the places where someone took us in their imagination (not only squares full of pigeons, Brussels like:)
- all the smiles that were addressed to us on our back or on the other end of YM! (.jpeg format... I really want to see them);
- all the love making, all the moments and love nights that we missed because someone was too shy, clumsy, during period..or "u can`t have everything u want in life" reasons;
- everything, absolutely everything, that was not told to us, but it would have been so much better if it id;

In that one night, when we will be already too old, to receive an user name and a password to this email account.
To sign in and read everything that could have been but it wasn`t.

To cry for a week and then to try and answer every mail we received; one by one, even if at the end of the line, there is no one left.

What greater torture than that? Feel u lived a mediocre life when it could have been so much better.