Picaturi de parfum ce amintesc de o alta lume... trecut si viitor, toate adunate intr-un singur suflet ce traieste.

miercuri, octombrie 06, 2010


 Mayumi Kimura
Born in Kyoto, educated in Kyoto and London, and now continues her education in New York.
She had her first exhibition at Artists Space in New York in January 2002.

Mermaid Vision (fish eyes and fins) & Rose Soldier (Rose petals, thorn, melted sugar, ants)

Interchangeable Disturbance (ID) consists of 60 color photographs centered on the desires and fantasies of a wedding cake figurine who dreams about becoming a truly unique and powerful icon someday. Her magical transforming energy comes from her dissatisfaction with her identity as a determined object. This murky scenario suggests phenomena that I call "simulamagic," wherein shifting surface identity produces an ambivalent presence. While she is simulating magical effects on her surface, she is gradually trapped between reality and ideality. As a result, a mixture of pleasure and disturbance comes to her at the same time. Her never-ending exploration into her identity adds more and more personas to her surface, yet, ironically, her new personas persistently keep her on the wedding cake.